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My Work at Administaff

I worked at Administaff (which is now called Insperity) for 7 years.  While there, I was promoted and worked in 4 different roles.  At first, I worked directly with our clients and interacted with the client executives and their employees.  In this role I conducted training sessions for groups of 2-200.  I guided them through the sometimes complex process of onboarding to our company's services during which I educated these executive leaders of small and medium-sized business on detailed business decisions. Additionally, I had the opportunity to train our client's employees on DDI curricula.  I later became the senior member of the team training new employees in this role.

Later, I took on a training role for our internal employees.  In this role I was tasked with creating a training effort for an entire department that had nothing in place.  This department consisted of 7 diverse teams that had be grouped together through various reorganizations.  As I was developing this training program, I noticed redundancies, gaps and other communication breakdowns.  I wrote a recommendation for reorganizing this hodge-podge department into an organization that worked together more seamlessly.  The recommendation was accepted and implemented and I was promoted to leading 3 of the 7 teams.  These changes resulted in improved lines of communication, reduced employee error, and closed knowledge gaps.

In this last role, I managed 3 distinctly different teams.  Immediately I sat with everyone to learn their job and to connect with them.  Afterward, I stocked our employee fridge with all of their individual favorite drinks.  I created reward programs and incentives for outstanding achievements.  As I learned their roles, I discovered that they were being measured on activity, not productivity.  I completely redesigned their roles and goals.  All of these efforts produced the following results:

  • A previously underperforming team producing historically high team results

  • A 60% increase in productivity which drove a 13% increase in sales - within 6 months. 

  • A marketing and sales campaign that resulted in 241% ROI

  • Led team in resolving over 4,000 ID theft issues in addition to normal workload.

  • Led sales and service teams through 3 completely new software implementations (Oracle, NetSuite, Salesforce).

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